Trend Tip – Studs are everywhere!

Whilst reading the magazines and watching the stars is great for identifying the trends, there’s nothing that beats going into the shops to see where it’s really at.  I love to look at, inspect and feel the pieces that I have seen in magazines, just to see what they are really like – and then to pass that information on to everyone else!

What I really noticed when in the stores yesterday – it was difficult not to – was that studs were everywhere. They graced ballet pumps, smoking slippers, stilletos and bags.  I felt slightly under attack by them at one stage – wherever I turned, there they were!

First off, I spotted these ballet flats  – Lieutenant by Carvela at Kurt Geiger, which cost £95.  For me, the studs on these shoes serve to make them a much more up to date style of ballet pump. Just so you know, they are really heavy!

                              Carvela Kurt Geiger Lieutenant Women Brands Carvela Kurt Geiger Shoes Flats Ballerinas
Next up, I love this Steve Madden studded slipper shoe £80. The shoes are seriously wicked.  They also come in black and they are brilliant. I know, I can’t believe I’m saying that either but they are! I tried them on and loved them – though the studs which stick out at the side do have the effect of widening the feet – which I am not sure is a look I am entirely after!

                                              Studlyy Studded Slipper Shoes

 Or, for a bag, how about this Slyvie stud tote at Kurt Geiger, reduced to £119 from £260.

        KG Kurt Geiger Sylvie Stud Tote Women Accessories Bags Brands KG Kurt Geiger Tote Shoulder Sale Sale Neutral

And finally, for something totally off the scale – The Only Way Is Essex anyone? Here we have the KG Kurt Geiger Eris £190. They make me feel nauseous just looking at them – the vertigo, the pain, the cost – just the shoes really.  But I accept that some will love them – and all items deserve to be loved by someone – it just won’t be me loving these.

                                       Kg Kurt Geiger Eris

If it’s a nod to the trend you are after – as opposed to a full on Sid Vicious onslaught, how about this Renegade Cluster Bracelet  £45 from Stella & Dot, which also comes in silver. It’s a lovely piece which shows that you know where it’s at, rather than screaming it from the roof tops!

                                                     Renegade Cluster Bracelets

So, that’s a whistle stop tour through one of the major trends of A/W ’12.   Just remember that you saw them here first!  



  1. Applebypie
    August 14, 2012 / 10:43 pm

    That bracelet is lovely- just enough, and the bag as well I could happily add to my collection, but I'm with you on the shoes – I'll leave them for someone else this time…. xx

    • StyleGuile
      August 16, 2012 / 8:21 pm

      Hi! Yes, the bracelet is lovely and as for the shoes – very delicately put!!

  2. Thea
    August 15, 2012 / 7:19 am

    The bracelet is quite fun. See something similar for a fraction of the price: I'm all for working the trends at bargain prices :-)But the shoes, IMHO, are horribly ugly.As for the Kurt Geiger 'Eris' ones, well Eris is the Greek Goddess of chaos, discord and strife, so at least he – or his 'people' – have a sense of humour!

  3. StyleGuile
    August 16, 2012 / 8:23 pm

    Hi Thea – trends at bargain prices sound good to me too! Love the analogy with the shoes and the Greek Goddess – a point well made!

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