On the Run – an overview of GAP jewel coloured jeans – a must have for the season!

Jewel tones are going to be big for A/W ’12 and we know that because….they are big every A/W! 

A change from the pastel coloured, and floral printed jeans of the summer months, and the darker florals and animal prints of the winter months, jewel coloured jeans also offer an alternative to black or grey.

The great thing about them is that they work well with base colours such as black, navy, grey, camel or cream – so the chances are that you will have plenty to go with them already – and that includes a coat.

In my quest for wine/burgundy/mulberry (call them what you will) and other jewel toned jeans, I headed to GAP.  They are always good for a first look at such items. 

I also had a quick look at Net a Porter for designer jeans, by way of a comparison, which is where I found these Victoria Beckham mid rise skinny jeans at £170

                                                                   Victoria Beckham Denim Power mid-rise skinny jeans

….or for £44.95 you could have thes GAP mulberry ankle zip leggings.  

Now, you know that I prefer it if I have seen/felt/worn pieces myself before bringing them to you – all in the name of research of course! Well, these come in a variety of colours and I love the ankle zip detail. The only trouble was that my usual size was about half a size too small – and I know this for a fact because I wore them for five minutes or so to test them out, whilst hanging out the washing – (which is a really good activity for testing jeans because of the bending and stretching involved.) Anyway, at the end of it they still felt too snug so they had to go back.  However, being half a size too small it meant that the next size was half a size too big. So for me they are a no – but I am working on it!

So, who’s up for a pair of Cords?  No longer to be worn only by those stuck in the 70′, here are the J Brand 511 corduroy skinny jeans £205

                                                             J Brand Denim 511 mid-rise corduroy skinny jeans

and here are the GAP 1969 purple wine cord leggings, which at  £44.95 are a teeny bit cheaper than the J Brand ones and which, in real life, are much closer in colour to them. The cord is so fine that they don’t really look like cords in all honesty and they are really soft – but quite low on the rise.

Having also tried these on, what I can say about them is that they came up a whole size too small on me, which was great as I just went up a size and that solved the problem.  With 30% off at GAP at the moment too, the price of them was really good.



If you don’t feel particularly inclined to go around with wine coloured legs, these clear lake blue legging cords are just different enough from the colour of jeans to be worth the investment, without being too radical a departure to feel self conscious in them. 






GAP also has other coloured cords and jeans (more autumnal tones) in a boyfriend fit, if the skinny look isn’t quite for you.  Last winter Warehouse did some great coloured jeans with a much higher rise – so they too could be worth investigating.


I have no doubt that many of you will also have found some great coloured jeans so if that’s the case, please let us all know about them!




  1. Pret-A-Mummy
    August 25, 2012 / 9:14 am

    I fear you've missed the boat on this one. I got some lovely wine/claret coloured Jeans in Warehouse a few months ago, in fact I'm wearing them today. They were in the sale for £10 a few weeks ago, don't know if they have any left? They are divine. They're a deeper colour than on the picture, here is my post! http://www.pret-a-mummy.com/2012/04/coloured-jeans-update.html

  2. Applebypie
    August 25, 2012 / 4:36 pm

    I love those gap zip ones – was about to order some J crew ones online, but I think you might have changed my mind! The colour is just perfect! love, love, love! ( You can tell I am enjoying a little spending after my 30 with 30 challenge- I am just slightly excited!) X

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