On the Run – Hot off the press, turn ups are back!

You can only imagine my relief to hear that turned up jeans are back! Actually, thinking about it, I wasn’t sure that they had ever really been “in” or “out” – in the same way that stripes aren’t ever really in or out – they just “are”.

Anyway, Jennifer Aniston, SJP and Cheryl Cole have all been spotted wearing them – so we too now have permission to wear them – excellent stuff!

Actually, looking at Jennifer Aniston’s outfit, I’m not convinced by the whole turning up baggy jeans look. I don’t think that the turn ups stay there very well – and the thought of ironing them in place – no thanks. I would just rather wear them full length. Then there’s the whole “down on the farm” element about them. So, whilst Jen may just be about able to pull them off with her tanned slim ankles and uber white pumps (bet she doesn’t wear hers more than a couple of time – or stick them in the washing machine come to that) I don’t think that I will be going there.

No, I will just be sticking to my Gap straight leg or high waisted skinnies  – rolled up as they have been on and off for many years, just by way of a bit of variety whilst the bloomin’ rain cloud which hovers over the UK refuses to shift!


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  1. Gladys Pug
    July 17, 2012 / 1:15 pm

    I love this casual look. Maybe look at Primark for the white gutties(!) – at £2.50 the last time I looked we all can have as many pairs as we need – and then it doesn't matter if they get splattered with mud in the rain.

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