On the Run – Are you too cool for school?

I was really pleased to read in the Style section of the Sunday Times today that when it comes to parenting, “getting it wrong is the new getting it right”.  For once I am way ahead of the current trend – by about 13 years by my calculations. 

[Mango jeans, Topshop blouse, Oasis jacket, Carvela shoes]

Today’s article was all about the “Death of the Yummy Mummy” and how “the Mums of Middle England are turning their backs on smug perfection and chintzy prints” and instead are having a hip makeover.

Essentially the article was telling us why the image of the modern day Stepford wife is no longer aspirational but rather, outdated. The article is really one (although quite an interesting one) in a long line of articles telling us what’s cool and what’s not. No more cupcake baking for us ladies – it’s rock cakes all the way from now on! And if you like Cath Kidston – well you are so uncool (that’s me then!)

As well as telling us what’s cool and what’s not, a lot of these articles involve making judgments, largely negative, on the choices that other women make and they often cite brands either in support of, or against, the point they are trying to make.

Boden came in for a bashing last year.  Seen as the brand representing “Yummy Mummies” someone on Mumsnet commented: “When I look at Boden ads I want to say ‘Stop looking so bloody smug.'”

I was very excited to read that because someone on Mumsnet said that about me too. I wonder if it was the same person and if so, what a claim to fame. In fact I was referred to as being “smug and London-centric” which I would have thought was a bit tricky for someone living in Birmingham but what do I know? Anyway, I got in touch with the woman involved and it transpired that she was actually OK.

According to the Sunday Times article, Acne, Joseph and Isabel Marant are OK, as are Maje and Sandro.  Apparently there’s a new wave of cool Mums “led by the Alexander McQueen – wearing Samantha Cameron.” Great. And from which of those brands, exactly, can you get an item, let alone an outfit, for anything less than three figures?

Reiss, J. Crew, Peter Pilotto, Thu Thu and sunglasses for £295 by Cutler and Gross are all OK. Floral Hunter Wellies, Farrow & Ball, Cupcakes and Cath Kidston prints apparently, are not. Right, that’s us told then.

[Mango jeans, H&M cardi, Jigsaw necklace, Carvela shoes]

There was one postive thing to come out of the article though.  As you could probably tell from yesterday’s post, I was quite pleased to have ironed my husband’s shirts for the week ahead. I have now done it two weeks in a row, having had about the last four years off from that task. However, given that running the perfect home is now passe – I will immediatey desist with my efforts – so there you go Mr SG, that shirt ironing job is now yours again. Great article. Fantastic.   


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