On the Run – Interpreting Burberry the Style Guile way (with some success). There was room for improvement but Coronation Street called!

So how is that yesterday I was in the garden, merrily planting up my pots, sun shining, feeling rather hot at times – and here I am today, heating on, needing a bath to warm up and pinching my hubby’s cashmere jumper to keep warm? I just don’t get it.

Mind you, one piece of good news – I’ve had a real coup when it comes to helping out at the school fete on Saturday.  I’ve been asked to help out in the Pimms tent. Result.  I have been asked to get there at 11.30am but it doesn’t start until 12pm so I can’t imagine what “prep” I will do in that first half hour.

As I was reading the Sunday Times Style section yesterday I thought that I might have a go at interpreting one of the outfits that they showed. Successful or not, it has to beat wearing jeans.  The skirt that they used was a leather one but I don’t think that it matters that mine was a cotton job from Zara.

My usual photographer has gone on a school trip so I had to draft in a replacement – and you know how hard it is to get up off the settee when you are 13.

True, I am by no means as young, or as long, or as leggy as the model and the whole sitting down angle isn’t great but I reckon that with a few tweaks I would give it a whirl (but Coronation Street was beckoning so I didn’t have time to faff.)

Cinching the belt on the coat would give me more of a peplum effect but then I might not be able to breathe – so I am not sure that would be a good idea. The jacket could also do with being a bit shorter as it finishes at my widest part but I would be happy to wear it out – but to be honest I would be happy to wear anything other than jeans at the moment, within reason (see below). 

I also took it to be a good sign that our neighbour didn’t laugh when he saw me but then again I think that he was more interested in the Amazon package that I was delivering to him at the time.

I also spotted this outfit in the Sunday Times Style section.  Irrespective of how good or bad you think the above outfit is, I promise not to interpret this outfit for you in any way, shape, or form – pregnant or otherwise.

I’m not knocking Tory Spelling for wearing this – on the contrary, she’s one brave lady. Whether pregnant or otherwise I would not be revealing myself in a number like this.  But to any lady who gets pregnant with her fourth child,  only five months after giving birth to her third child – well, she deserves respect.

Today’s outfit: Zara skirt, Kew jacket, Jigsaw jumper, Carvela shoes


  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    June 12, 2012 / 12:07 pm

    You did a great job of channelling the look. Great outfit x

  2. StyleGuile
    June 20, 2012 / 8:00 pm

    Thanks for the words of support! Obviously it wasn't as well received as some outfits but hey, you have to give these things a go sometimes! Hope that all is good with you. x

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