On the Run – At a “summer” BBQ in a thick jumper, jeans, scarf – essentially a winter outfit really!

I find the varying approaches that people take to clothes really interesting.

In addition to going to the Pet shop today (weed for the fish) and looking around several garages (husband’s choice of activity for Father’s Day) we were invited to a friend’s BBQ and fundraising event. [Re the photo below, the four year old was directing and demanded that I crouch down.]

Being cold makes me miserable so I decided to dig out one of my heaviest jumpers, wear my jeans and just not worry whether I was up to the mark or not.

When we arrived I was greeted by a friend who was wearing a couple of vest tops layered together.  She was working on the principle that, come rain or shine, she was going to pretend that it was warm.  Whereas I – being arguably more negative than her – just couldn’t face being cold any more.

Two friends, both female, same event, similar outlooks on life, similar size – two utterly and completely different approaches to getting dressed.

I could just about face baring my ankles but it was my only concession to the fact that it was June. Otherwise it was winter all the way with a Warehouse cable knit jumper, Gap real straight jeans, Jigaw striped top, Lola Rose scarf and Jones flats.

There were some lovely outfits at the BBQ – blazers, skirts, bare legs, nice jewellery – none of which I was sporting but I wasn’t cold, I didn’t totter off any heels and I didn’t mind when the four year old launched herself at me covered in chocolate.

In my view when it comes to daily dressing, styling yourself for comfort and to suit your lifestyle definitely has to rank up there as two of the most important criteria.


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