On the Run – Off to see Coldplay in the heat plus details of my new competition and see the winning Stella & Dot entry

Union Jack Flag Scarf

Today I promised to bring you details of my new competition and here is a picture of the prize – the lovely Union Jack flag scarf by Scarf Envy, which costs £29.99.

I was intially approached by Rebecca who runs Scarf Envy, to ask me if I would like to review her site or one of her scarves, keeping a scarf as a gift. Rebecca’s son is due to start school fairly soon and she is working hard to build her business. Much as I would like to, it seemed a little unfair of me to keep the scarf for myself and instead, I am offering it as a prize.  I loved the print on it the scarf – very patriotic and of course being 100% wool, it will work well on into the winter and autumn. It also comes in a lovely muted grey tone.

As I am off to see Cold Play tonight, I am running out of time – so details of how to enter the competition will be in tomorrow’s post (sorry about that) but if you are a scarf kind of girl, you may want to take a look at the site here 

Today I am also bringing you the winning entry for the Stella & Dot competition.  I am so sorry not to have been able to give everyone a prize as you were all so deserving. Penny Young won the competition with the following entry:

“I deserve to win this … Because I had to endure a
miserable thirty minutes gazing at myself topless from every angle in the
three-way mirror in Rigby & Peller’s changing room yesterday!!”

Aside from my younger readers, I am sure that many of you are familiar with this idea – of catching a glimpse of someone in the mirror and realising that the reflection staring back is, in fact, your own. Or realising that things aren’t perhaps what they once were, or what you thought them to be.

I have two pet hates – when I am about to take a photo on my phone and I realise that it has flipped round and I can see myself in it, or using Skype – seeing oneself from either of those angles is deeply unflattering. I read the other day that a new type of cosmetic procedure has been developed in the US which deals with the lower face, specifically to address those issues thrown up by Skype.

So thank you to Penny for her amusing entry, which did make me smile and to which I am sure many of us can relate.

On a slightly similar note, I receive lots of queries from ladies about how to style themselves when they have left their thirties and are heading into their forties and beyond. I have come across a great book called “Grown up glamour – how to age fabulously by the women who got it right.” It is by Caroline Cox and is well worth a read. It covers style, hair, skin and makeup and much more.  I like Caroline’s refreshing “let’s embrace our age, without surgery” approach.

So that’s it for today ladies, I had better dash as I have a date with Chris – sorry Gwyneth. 


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