On the Run – An invitation to look at, and try on, Victoria Beckham dresses – such a treat (but I was wearing Next for the rest of the day)!

The day started off cloudy and then got progressively hotter and hotter and hotter so that by the time I got back with the children from school I was ready to strip off.  You can see the results of my stripping off session tomorrow, unless I chicken out on the basis that some things are best left behind closed doors!   When I came downstairs our eldest said “why are you wearing a nightie?” I shall say no more than that. 

As to today’s outfit, I am wearing my new Next chinos, which I posted about a couple of days ago.  I also wore a Warehouse silk shirt which features on my website (www.bethgoodrham.com) Russell & Bromley pink bag and Zara sandals.

These were the two cuffs I put with it – one by Tokyo Jane and of course, the Reiss cuff, which you can see below the other way around.

I was also lucky enough to be invited to Selfridges to try on some samples of the Victoria Beckham mainline, and V by VB A/W ’12 collection today.  There were lots of dresses to try on and naturally, I took full advantage of the opportunity.  All samples were a size 8 which on the whole, for the V by VB dresses (which retail at £500/£600) was fine but for the mainline ones (which retail at £1800 plus) – well, you would have to be teeny weeny to get into those. 

Actually, and quite spectacularly impressively I thought, I managed to get stuck in one of the dresses.  The dress itself was fine but the arms were cut so tight that it was impossible for me to maneouvre myself into a position to take it off.  Fortunately I know Zoe, the Personal Shopper, in Selfridges quite well but I am sure that she would rather not have had to get as close to me as she did.  In the end I was bent over at a right angle from the waist whilst she pulled it inside out over my head.

My favourite dress was the Swan Collar Dress, which you can see Victoria wearing in the shot above, when presenting her A/W ’12 collection. I asked, but was told, that I couldn’t take any shots but hopefully I won’t get into too much trouble for taking this sneaky shot of the collar on the “Swan Collar” dress, which was lovely and which I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, back to the real world.  I donned my Next chinos again and nipped down to Cos to see if they had had anything in of late which appealed.  I really liked this pale blush and black shift dress as it was perfect for the hot weather – cotton, simple and elegant.

They didn’t have my size and the one I am wearing is too big but it’s possible to get the idea.

I also tried on this grey printed dress just because I thought that it was a little different and I was intrigued to see what it looked like on. I didn’t buy it because the fit wasn’t right but I did quite like it – in an odd sort of way.

The back detail is also interesting with an exposed zip and with the printed material being used as piping.

The trip to Selfridges and Cos was a pleasant interlude in an otherwise busy day.  I could have been tempted by a VB dress (not mainline!) but that kind of investment in once piece – I would have to wear it to death and would end up getting sick of it.  I think that you need to be the kind of lady who orders 4 or 5 of them without thinking about it for it really to work – but that’s not me and I’m not sure that I would want it to be.

Anyway, my husband rang tonight to say that when he bent over today at work his suit trousers ripped, so it’s just as well that I hadn’t gone and blown nearly £600 on a pretty dress with swans on it, which I didn’t really need.



  1. Vicky Mac
    May 24, 2012 / 7:55 pm

    Love the chinos! And surely it's only a matter of time before VB does a high street collaboration?

  2. StyleGuile
    May 24, 2012 / 9:30 pm

    Hi Vicky, I love the comfort of the chinos and they were a bargain price too. You are so right about a possible VB collaboration – what an exciting prospect.

  3. Ekaterina
    May 25, 2012 / 9:11 am

    Ha-ha-ha…Victoria Beckham outfits. I remember trying on some of her jeans when I was still in Brussels. Despite the fact that I am size 10 (and can sometimes get into size 8…with some difficulty), none of her jeans could fit me! Quite pitty as I quite like what she does.

  4. Izaskun Perez de Carcamo
    May 25, 2012 / 11:05 am

    Hello Beth: I´ve just known that I could buy Dorothy Perkins´ clothes by mail. What do you think about this brand? Are their dresses so beautiful they look like? Is a brand adapted to my pear shape?Thank you

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