On the Run – An outfit for a Rib Ride

There’s nothing I hate more than feeling in completely the “wrong” oufit. It even makes me feel uncomfortable when I see others in something which just looks wrong for the occasion – not in a judgmental way – but when I see VB wearing a fitted shift and 5″ heels to carry Harper, I just think that she would be so much happier in jeans and flats – all that effort involved in staying upright must be such hard work.

So that accounts for the above oufit yesterday. As part of my hubby’s birthday present, I had arranged for us all to go on a Rib Ride along the Menai Straits. All that I knew was that it would be cold, very cold, windy and potentially wet. So reinforcements were required in the ever faithful parka, jeans, wellies, a multitude of scarves and woolly layers etc. The wellies were an emergency purchase from Tesco a while ago when I realised that mine had perished – and although not sporting any kind of trendy label, I find them really comfortable. I was pleased to have grabbed both my scarf and my snood on the way out because, as in typical fashion, I had remembered to pack hats for everyone except myself, so a little improvisation was necessary….

The sunglasses weren’t even mine either – blimey, if I couldn’t remember a hat there was no way I would remember sunnies.  I pinched these from my hubby momentarily before he whipped them back for the ride.  I could have done with some sunglasses and could, infact, have worn the cinema 3D specs which we keep in they car, as the eldest two did – but you have to draw the line somewhere! And anyway, I was more concerned with holding on to the youngest to stop her from catapaulting out of the boat as we were travelling the equivalent of more than 110mph. Scary!

Later on we headed into our local town where my hubby treated me to this £2.50 printed leather cuff from Fat Face (apparently he will be deducting the cost from my b’day present allowance. He thinks he’s so funny.)  I am a sucker for anything which remotely resembles a Liberty/Cath Kidston print and the soft leather means that it is great for weekends as it won’t catch on our youngest when she dives in for her cuddles. They also come in a couple of other prints and I think that a few of them together would look great.

I think by that stage I was wearing green wellies – having left mine at home. That’s the great thing about having a daughter whose feet are the same size as mine and a husband with feet only half a size bigger – there’s always an emergency pair of wellies handy (or his cashmere jumpers but we don’t tell him that!)

I also spotted this lovely striped maxi dress in Fat Face. Because I have enlarged the photo, the image is not as clear as I would like but I have attached the link below if you would like to take a closer look.  So many maxi dresses are strappy and/or are very voluminous that not only does it make the bra issue tricky but they also add bulk, drowning a smaller frame. This one has a nice neat silhouette so it will suit those on the more petite side.

Lizzy Maxi Dress


There’s also an old fashioned sweet shop in our local town in Wales which the children love to visit. We found some of the bubble gum that I used to chew as a kid. Blowing bubbles on the way home was a great way to pass the time – although the children did accuse me of looking like a chav. Excellent – embarrassing them is such sweet revenge for all the times they have done it to me.

Outfit – Jigsaw parka, Lola Rose Scarf, H&M snood, Tesco Wellies, Longchamps bag



  1. Anonymous
    April 29, 2012 / 6:32 pm

    Shame you didn't come further to penmon, the camper vans were out in force, I was running a workshop and dressed completely inappropriately fr that weather, not quite the picnic and outdoor painting. Was hoping for xx

  2. StyleGuile
    April 29, 2012 / 7:12 pm

    HI -we saw the camper vans travelling together – so cute. You didn't have the best weather did you? I can imagine that the picture in your head of the weather/day in general was a bit different from the reality but I bet it was amazing nonethelss and such a brilliant idea. X

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