Mum on the Run – Wearing a DD!

I knew that it would be a bit of a jobs day today – food shopping, haircuts for the children and some ironing for me this afternoon – who says I don’t know how to have a good time?!

So, with that in mind, it had to be flat shoes, which leant themselves to jeans, which leant themselves to -well, I wasn’t sure really but I bought a shirt from Gap in the sale a few weeks ago so I decided to give that a whirl…

together with my pink Mango jumper (which I fondly refer to as a Dishcloth – that being the first “D” of the DD in the title)  together with my snood, (which a friend also referred to as a dishcloth, that being the second “D” of the DD in the title.) The Double Dishcloth – sounds a very inspiring name for an outfit doesn’t it?!

Here’s a pic of my shoes taken from an angle which I like as my legs look long, unlike the top photo where they look about 2″ long!

I also wore this necklace, which I wore last week with my Guernsey, as a bracelet. I fancied something quite bright and chunky and when I saw this lurking on my bedside table decided that it would do the job just fine.

And here is the DD look plus the bracelet….

as for my bag, I have had this “tote” since the days they were called “shopping bags” and when Olivia Palermo, the Queen of the Zara tote, was still at school.

My husband bought this Coccinelle bag for me on a day trip to London, at a point in time when I was still feeding our eldest.  It was probably the first time that we ever left her.  She was with friends for the day and by the time we returned to pick her up I was agony as I needed her to feed so much. I remember not caring if my friend’s husband saw me in all my half naked glory, whipping everything off and grabbing her so that she would feed.  And would she feed?  Would she hec.  The baby who could feed all day and all night, and had done so for the past six months, refused to on this occasion, leaving me in agony for hours.

So, that ends the tale of my DD outfit, or at the time of feeding our eldest, something considerably larger.  Apologies for the fact that this has inadvertently turned into a bit of a post about well, call them what you will!

Today I am wearing:

Topshop brogues, Gap high waisted skinny jeans (great support for the tum!) Gap shirt, Mango jumper, H&M snood, Miss Selfridge necklace worn as bracelet, Coccinelle shopping bag (tote, to fashionistas)!


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