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Content wise, I have given Style Guile a bit of a face lift (to be honest I wouldn’t mind having one myself but that costs money and it’s a dangerous road to go down.) All this has come about as a result of some very constructive feedback on Mumsnet – so thank you ladies for your input.  

I have an action plan, a mission statement, aims and objectives – all of which I have written on the back of a serviette which I have now lost.  So, in essence, I will be including more images, closer images, less text, better photography (need an evening or two to get to grips with that one) and, by popular demand, some curvier ladies too.  So far you can see that I am failing on the less text front.  I also have a bit of a problem with close up shots – it’s the crows feet you know, they’re not pretty.

You may well ask what the hec I am wearing today.  Not really one for tunics and leggings, this is a Cos creation with jeans – I would imagine that the draped fabric would be very handy for carrying a newborn baby. 

What I liked about it when I saw it was that I had absolutely no idea what it would look like when on – or indeed how to get it on – and because of that I figured that it was my duty to give it a whirl. Once I had finally managed to work out which way up it went,  I was pleasantly suprised – it is a little different and hugely comfortable. I have done the “stand in front of the mirror sideways and breathe out” test and it’s impossible to detect a tummy under there.

It would work equally well on curvier ladies because, although there’s lots of draping, the neckline is low, which is more flattering on a fuller bust, (you could put a cami underneath instead of a high necked top) and it isn’t tent like in it’s design. So whilst it disguises, it doesn’t add volume.

Today we went to John Lewis and bought some new shoes.  At last, Clarks have some traditional styles of sandals for children.  These are so cute – they won’t go with a thing in our youngest’s wardrobe but if you can’t clash your colours and mix your prints at four, when can you? 

Now, for the next photo, you can see that I was experimenting with different photos by playing with the filters on Instagram.  This morning the youngest and I made our Easter tree. This bunch of twigs serves several purposes throughout the year, from being a shoe tree at Christmas (see below) to a jewellery tree at the four year old’s party.

The first time I made an Easter tree was with our eldest when she too was four. I was very proud of our creation, complete with foil covered chocolate eggs, around which I had tied cotton to hang them from the tree. I placed it in the front window, only to come home and find a mass of mishapen melted chocolate eggs hanging from our beautiful tree as the sun had appeared after we left for our trip out. 

Christmas shoe tree…..

Anyway, for my last pic I thought that I would show you a necklace which I saw in Hobbs today. It’s part of a pretty range and it celebrates a traditional British afternoon tea. Based on an original illustration, it features sandwiches, chocolate eclairs and a bakewell tart.

Sorry for the less than clear image (not my fault) – this was the best I could get from the Hobbs site. Don’t forget that there is a 20% discount with Woman & Home magazine this month, which will significantly reduce the £49 price tag.  T’s and C’s apply.

What is she wearing today: Gap jeans, Topshop shoes, Cos creation, Mango scarf, Cos long sleeve top


  1. Emma
    April 4, 2012 / 11:27 am

    Thanks for intoducing me to Cos. I've ordered the sleeveless pleat dress today. I've a feeling getting into your blog is going to cost me money!

  2. StyleGuile
    April 4, 2012 / 1:48 pm

    Hi Emma – you will be pleased to know that Cos has a sale on at the moment with some pieces at 50% off – how lucky is that! Hope that you like your new dress.

  3. catherine
    April 10, 2012 / 8:09 am

    Hello, I too am only just picking up on Cos and am really impressed by some of the stuff on their website. It also looks great on you! What is the quality like though? The prices look ok, but only if they don't fall to bits in weeks.

  4. StyleGuile
    April 15, 2012 / 8:26 pm

    Hi Catherine – sorry for not replying before now. So pleased that you like Cos and the pieces that I have shown. The quality is fantastic – I have never had a problem with any of the pieces that I have bought and as you can see, I wear them often. The trousers I had on yesterday I have worn and washed many, many times so I would say dive in, head first!

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