The Kreativ Blogger Award

Oooh, how exciting to be given an award! The Kreativ Blogger award is received from other bloggers who like your blog and in my case, I am very grateful to Poppy’s Style for sending the award my way.  Poppy’s Style writes about fashion, family, friends and fun – an English lady living in the US, she shares her life there with us.

I like the whole concept of these “inter-blogging” awards, not only because it’s nice to know that people like your blog but it’s also nice to be able to award it to others whose blogs you like. Whilst I often drop someone an email if I like their blog, an award is a good way of acknowledging publicly that you like a blog’s content and it also directs other bloggers their way too.

So, having thanked Poppy’s Style, I now have to try and comply with the rules of the award, which I hope I manage to do and which are as follows:

  • Thank the award giver and link back to them in their post (I am hopeful that this has worked!)
  • Copy the award and post it (think I have that one sussed too)
  • Tell readers seven things about yourself (oh hec – I don’t think I have anything that interesting to tell!)
  • Award multiple others and tell them about the award (reckon I can manage that – fingers crossed)

So here goes with my seven things:

  1. I am left handed but none of our children are (boo!)
  2. I did ballet until I was 18, at which point I was the only one left in the class. Everyone else was too cool for ballet – not me!
  3. I used to play the violin so badly that the cat would run out of the house!
  4. I have a wonderful husband and we make a great team, something which I appreciate more and more every day; 
  5. When I get an idea in my head I am a formidable force. My husband has taken to giving me “projects” to keep me out of mischief!
  6. Our children have made me more tired, more cross, more scared (when they are ill) and sadder (when they are upset) than anything, or anyone, ever could – but they have brought me more joy, happiness and laughter than anything, or anyone, ever could and I am so proud of them all;
  7. My Mum is fab. x

Here are the others to whom I wish to give the award – please drop by their blogs and say hi:


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