On the Run – The Topshop pink brogues get their first spring outing

When the sun finally came out in Birmingham yesterday, I decided that there was only one thing to do and that was to cast aside some winter layers.

I’m not one for revealing all to the world at the first sight of the sun – oh no, it has to be very hot for me to do that and I wouldn’t inflict myself on anyone without a certain amount of preparation – but I do like to lighten it all up a little when the sun shines.  I do this by swapping my winter coat for a trench, moving away from woollen scarves, wearing less heavy knitwear and changing my boots for something more spring like. Of course tomorrow it may be snowing so those winter items are never too far away!

I have been looking for some pink brogues for a while now – it must be at least a week – and this pair from Topshop fitted the bill.  I am a sucker for patent so they always were going to grab my attention.  It’s always a risk ordering on line but I was fairly confident that they would work for me and anyway, the in store returns policy is so good that it wouldn’t have mattered if they hadn’t.

Whilst I am unlikely to wear these with a dress (wrong shaped legs but I’m not complaining) others will and for me, they are great with skinny jeans and trousers.  I really hate being restricted by the footwear I am wearing and these will enable me to skip about to my heart’s content – like a spring lamb.  Oh, OK, maybe that’s taking it a bit far but you know what I mean. I fear that my back may also be telling me to take it easy on the heels so flat shoes are perhaps something I should be wearing a little more often but I shall deny ever having made that statement if I am cross examined on it.

Here’s a closer pic of the brogues and you can get hold of a pair by clicking here

This was my second attempt at some pink brogues, my first attempt having not worked too well.  They were an example of an online purchase which didn’t quite go to plan, only because the colour wasn’t the same in reality as online.  They were more of a ballet shoe pink than a baby pink, so had to be returned to Office but again as they could be returned in store it wasn’t a problem.  At the sale price of £20, had they worked they would have been a great buy.

When I sent the pic of me in the Topshop brogues to Easy Living Magazine they responded that they thought they were “cute”, which I much preferred to the “practical” and “sensible” considerations which prompted my to buy them in the first place!

Speaking of Easy Living Magazine, I really would love to try and win the schoolrunway competition that they are running this month.  So, if you felt able to “Like” my picture by clicking right here I would be very grateful. It may mean that I get a chance to appear in Easy Living Magazine, which is a very exciting prospect and I know that it would make my Mum very proud and give her something to tell the neighbours!


  1. Anne
    March 13, 2012 / 4:06 pm

    You look great Beth! Love the shoes:)~Anne

  2. StyleGuile
    March 13, 2012 / 7:40 pm

    Hi Anne – ah, thanks. You know me, such a sucker for pink, and patent!

    • StyleGuile
      March 15, 2012 / 10:48 pm

      I have to say they are v comfy so hopefully worth the price. New Look has some nice two tone brogues in pink and white which might be worth investigating

  3. Rachel H
    March 14, 2012 / 2:36 pm

    Love the shoes – but are you wearing any socks? It's my eternal early spring dilemma – shoes that don't traditionally have any socks with them, e.g. ballet pumps….do your feet just freeze or are you wearing some uncannily short socks under there?

    • StyleGuile
      March 15, 2012 / 10:47 pm

      Hi Rachel – I didn't have any socks on and they were fine. Having said that, I don't think that I could do ballet pumps yet without socks. Covered shoes yes, more exposed no! I am planning on investigating patterned (dots mainly I suspect)knee highs to go with navy loafers. Lighter than socks but still offer some warmth (not v sexy though!)

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