On the Run – Sunday Best? More like Sunday Worst!

Well that plan came back to bite me on the bum didn’t it? Having trashed the bedrooms of the eldest two, on the basis that I had a week to sort out their rubbish before they returned from a week’s skiing, I now have one of them back. And she didn’t even make it onto the ‘plane.  She was too poorly to go away so has come home – but she still doesn’t have a bedroom to sleep in so she’s currently sharing with me, which is quite nice for both of us.

Part of my plan when the children were away this year was to move some of their bedroom furniture around and smarten it up a bit.  I have a couple of lovely wooden stools which haven’t been painted for at least ten years so, still having most of the tin of paint left from painting the front door last summer, I decided that they too were going to end up bright pink.  And here they are…in a rather blue light.

I bought the stool on the left from a reclamation yard about 10 years ago. I distinctly remember painting it whilst heavily pregnant with our son, who is now ten.  It looks to me as though it might have woodworm so I thought that a good dose of toxic gloss would sort them out – or the colour might blind them.  In any event, woodworm probably don’t really like mdf so the rest of the furniture is safe.  The stool on the right was my Grandma’s so it could be over 100 years old.  It was last painted 15 years ago and I never did like it – so today it copped it. I hope that she would like it – it’s certainly much loved in our house.

 After painting the furniture I decided to paint my nails with the Nails Inc nailvarnish bought for me for Mother’s Day. I fancied this teal colour for a change. I figure it’s good to experiment. I know that they aren’t perfect but that’s what you get for painting your nails whilst sitting on the door step in the sun leaning on a children’s book!

Remember I said that there would be some triumphs and some disasters on Style Guile?  Well today’s outfit isn’t necessarily a disaster – but it is very “real” which is what SG is all about.

For today’s activity it had to be jeans and these boyfriend ones are from Topshop.  The shirt is from Gap, the apron Cath Kidston and the shoes converse.  I only got a little paint on me – well on my shoes – which I then walked all over the tiles in the conservatory.  Ooops!


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