On the Run – the Sun as an accessory (no, not the newspaper)!

I have spent the evening writing a post for Boden so this will just be a quickie! Hopefully the post will be on the Boden community page in the next few days so keep your eyes out for it!

This morning was a scootering kind of morning, hence the coral converse which have been brought out from hibernation. I also wore my Gap skinny jeans, Topshop leopard print belt, Gap breton top and Cos shirt dress.  I quite like a bit of a mix of stripes/animal print/colour for a Monday morning and it’s OK against what is otherwise a very plain outfit. We thought that the sun made quite a nice accessory (largely of hiding my face – result!)

I think that I might have to find another door way to frequent soon as the neighbour of this house was looking at us slightly suspiciously this morning. Nevermind there are lots of other nice front doors in the area.

Imagine my surprise when, on opening the May edition of Easy Living magazine, I found an excerpt of an email which I had sent to them about their schoolrunway competition, printed on the letters page. Fortunately it wasn’t controversial and our son got a mention, which I am sure he will be pleased about.

I think that their whole school runway idea (namely, looking at what women wear on the school run) has caused a certain amount of controversy – not necessarily the concept but rather what the London Mums in the first feature were wearing both in terms of cost and effort in looking as groomed as they did.  Easy Living should come to Birmingham – we’ll show them a bit of mix and match high street!

Hope that you enjoyed the sun today.


  1. mummyratesit.co.uk
    March 27, 2012 / 8:02 pm

    Just wondered if you had read Barbara Ellen's comments about Boden in Sunday's Observer? Whilst I didn't agree with her views I could see what she was getting at! Check it out if you get time. Michelle

  2. StyleGuile
    April 6, 2012 / 6:54 pm

    Hello mummyratesit – I have read the negative press about Boden. I too can see where the critics are coming from but whilst some are turning their backs on Boden I am sure that they are collecting many new customers too – swings and roundabouts I would imagine!

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