On the Run: Spring tops – Stripes, but not as you know them!

I couldn’t do a post about spring tops without including some stripes as they are so fresh and spring like.  Personally I love stripes but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people say that they can’t “do” stripes but really though it’s all about how you wear them.  If you take a look at the above top, you can see that the stripes around my waist are closer together than the ones further up – the effect of which is to define my waist, making it look smaller.  There are all sorts of tricks that stripes can play on the eye so it’s worth trying a few things on to see how they look.  There are lots of stripes in the shops at the moment but they aren’t all horizontal – some are vertical, some diagonal and some tops have a combination. There is a great one that I would like to show you from Marks and Spencer but it is currently at the bottom of one of these:

….the bags which are packed in preparation for tonight’s style party which I am so looking forward to and for which I have had great fun shopping. Fond as I am of Marks and Spencer, trying to find things on their website can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack – so I will take a photo of it for you at another time.

The top that I am wearing is in fact a cardigan that I have on back to front as I preferred it that way round.  It was from H and M and cost the vast sum of £7.99. For those of you old enough to remember them, it reminded me of pacers! It could be worn either way around and layered under something (a denim shirt) over something (long sleeved cotton top) and put with all manner of plain bottoms – or even printed if you were feeling brave.  For the price I think it’s a cracking little number to have in your wardrobe.


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