On the Run – Some Sunday Fun at the Wedding Show

The first thing that I did this morning when I woke up was to go and show our eldest my Harry Styles quiff.  Whenever I see him on TV I am aghast at the ridiculousness of his hair do – really, it could have featured on Dynasty in the 80’s. So, the last laugh was on me when one of my Mother’s Day presents just happened to be – a poster of Harry himself, which is now proudly displayed on the wall of my work room.

After a lovely family breakfast the eldest and I headed off to the wedding show, where we got into trouble for taking photographs – it’s all to do with copyright and the NEC being worried that people will nip home and in the whisker of a gnats whatsits whip up a copy wedding dress and sell it. Had they ever witnessed my sewing skills that really wouldn’t have been a concern of theirs. I am challenged by the name tapes so copying a wedding dress would be way beyond my capabilities. Anyway, when we saw the above image we couldn’t help but take a photo of it. Oh what rebels we are!

For anyone who loves retro sweets – or just the look of them, this was an amazing stand…

and if you love flying saucers in particular, just take a look at this… Should you like the look of them for your wedding, they were by “Candy Girls” who you can find on facebook at “Candy Girls Tables”

I really took the photograph below for my husband as I knew that it would appeal to his sense of humour.  There was a stall advertising a hog roast but for obvious reasons real piggies (dead or alive) weren’t allowed in the NEC. However stuffed toy pigges – well that was a different matter entirely.

I have to say that some of the wedding dresses were more Fat Gypsy Wedding than I would have liked.  From a stylist’s and a personal perspective, there seems to be so little choice out there.  The majority were off the shoulder, lots of big skirts, ruffles and very fussy.  There were few with sleeves or simple lines.  See what I mean?!!! I am hoping that you will let me off this week from “Sunday Best” and that the dress below will count instead. I think that I might be pushing it there though!

However, there was one stand run by Silk of Lichfield (www.SilkBrides.com) and they had some really stylish dresses, such as this 30’s inspired one below…

and this lovely simple 1950’s inspired dress.  If you happen to be a bride over a certain age, weight, or bust size, or even if you just don’t want to follow current trends in bridal wear, your options are fairly limited at the moment so it’s worth starting your research early if you want something which will really work well for you.

We had a great day out, lots of fun and laughs and we are soon off to Pizza Express to round off a lovely Mother’s Day – famous last words!


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