On the Run – How to wear neon (in a nutshell, with everything else toned down)

Nice photo of the loo eh?  What do you think that feng-shui experts would say about that?  It was just too rainy today to expect anyone to stand outside whilst photographing me so the mirror had to do it for me instead.

I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day and she informed me that she was ripping up some A-level essays that she had found.  Having read them she didn’t recognise them as being her work at all and she concluded that she had been clever – once. 

The same thing happened with me yesterday, but to a lesser extent, when I was looking back at some posts that I had written in April last year.  I don’t remember writing them at all but I actually found them quite useful.  They covered such things as dresses with sleeves in them, shoes offering moderate coverage and shoe which didn’t show your toes – for those who don’t particularly like their toes.  I plan to repeat the posts this year when I have a little more time – so keep your eyes open.  I have started doing my research already.

If you are a reader of Red Magazine, you might be interested to read an article featuring Amanda Start, the Online Stylist I first got in touch with Amanda in August 2010 as a result of a feature in which she appeared in Woman & Home magazine.  It was as a result of that article I started my blog. We finally met in January at the Marie Claire blog and twitter awards where she received a Highly Commended in the twitter category.  It was lovely to meet her after all her help.  Amanda looks great in the feature about her local boutique, Stanwells and it definitely worth taking a look at their lovely website too.

So, as to today’s outfit. I can’t wear this skirt too often but when I do, people often say that they like it – I still believe that it comes down to people liking a bit of colour. I went into Cos today to see whether they had any left at the end of the sale but they didn’t and do you know where they go – the charity shops! Cos couldn’t tell me which ones but it’s quite possible that you might find a bright yellow skirt in a charity shop near you.  As to the neon skirt, the bright colour lends itself to white and then either black or navy, just to bring all back into line. I wore it with my black loafers which are very old but very comfortable, which is great for when I am walking around town.

I worked with a lovely client today and she bought me some flowers which was so kind of her. She kept the shoes I was talking about yesterday and is happy for me to let me show them to you all so here they are….

They are fab – real Cinderella shoes. Totally full on bling but not too high and they also come in coral, yellow, lilac and black I think. Here’s a link to them so that you can take a closer look http://www.kurtgeiger.com/brands/carvela-kurt-geiger/anna-1.html Enjoy!



  1. Charlotte Schmidt
    March 8, 2012 / 9:16 am

    Like the neon skirt outfit…..something slightly Mary Quant about the look!

  2. Anonymous
    March 11, 2012 / 9:13 am

    Hi the. I am a follower of a similar blog – school gate style – and they had ur link on their blog. I know u are showing off the shoes but I love ur coat !!! Is it still available in the shops or is from another season? That for posting ur blog. Sharon

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