Mum on the Run – Sunday Best

So there I was last night, putting clothes away and thinking to myself that winter was probably on its way out now so it might be time to start putting some of my heavier winter jumpers away. When the small person came in the bedroom this morning and told me it was snowing I thought that she was just utilising the gene she’s inhereited from her Dad – that, “I’m going to wind you up, make you look out of the window and then tell you I was kidding” gene. Having established that she was talking about a really really small amount of snow I concluded that she was having me on and continued to get dressed with the curtains still shut.  But then our eldest came to see me and said “Mum, have you seen the snow?”  Oh flip, she wasn’t lying either.  How bad did I feel?

As I mentioned yesterday, today saw us taking a trip to Ikea.  It was quite fun really – we used the self service scanner and faffed about buying lots of things that we didn’t need but which looked nice.  On our return our son set up his “work station” and went about making his now famous hot chocolate complete with whipped cream, grated chocolate and hotel chocolat nibs…

Above, the hot chocolate being created and below, the end result. I thought that the napkins were Orla Kiely(ish) in appearance so naturally they found their way into the basket today.

As for today’s Sunday Best – I am showing you an outfit which I in fact wore on boxing day but there didn’t seem much point in taking more photos of the same.  Hopefully no one will mind. As we were going to visit family on this occasion, I wore a cropped cashmere cardigan with it but if I was wearing it for a night out it would lend itself to a black blazer or a leather jacket.

Sunday Best Outfit: Dune sparkly shoes, Zara trousers, Topshop blouse, Boden cashmere cardi, Topshop necklace


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