Mum on the Run – Featuring a printed dress and blazer, Marc Jacobs bag and Jigaw shoes (honestly hubby, they’re not new and the blog can prove it!)

Oddly for a Saturday, I was working.  Secretly I was quite pleased to avoid the Saturday morning mayhem which ensues at home and which involves rounds of dropping off and picking up small people from various activities.  Instead, I enjoyed a couple of hours in the shops with a client – and most civilised it was too, in comparison.

I wasn’t up to much this morning, having been up a lot with the youngest in the night.  When those times hit it’s just best to go for a tried and tested outfit so today I wore my M&S Limited Collection dress with a white shirt underneath, to lift it.   I also wore a black blazer and my Marc Jacobs bag and Jigsaw shoe boots finished off the outfit.  As I walked downstairs my husband asked “Are those shoes new, they look it?”  Of course it’s not like I have worn them virtually every day for the last month or so.  I have to say, having an unobservant husband is great – it’s possible to sneak all manner of things in under the radar – not that he would mind anyway, to be honest.

I thought that I would also share with you another photo of the Marni pieces for H&M – this time the jewellery. I love the look of some of them but I am not sure how well they might translate into every day life – especially here in Birmingham.  I think that I might have to go and have a try on and see….

Quite a few of the pieces are featured in the new edition of Red Magazine – so you can take a look there to see what you think.  On page 118 of Red there is also a feature with Amanda Start, who runs the blog “the online stylist”. I first contacted Amanda when I started blogging a couple of years ago and we finally got to meet at the Marie Claire blog awards where she was highly commended in the twitter category.  Anyway, do take a peek if you have time as she looks fabulous.

We had to go school shoe shopping today for our son who announced, four days after going back to school after half term, that his school shoes were too small. Argghh!  Anyway our youngest was desperate for new shoe too, citing all manner of reason as to why she should have some (they were muddy, scuffed etc). Unfortunately for her, her feet hadn’t grown but I remember feeling the same way at her age when in the same position and when those big tears rolled down her cheeks it was very sad. However, on the positive side, I have persuaded her that her feet will grow, and grown more quickly, if she sleeps a lot and doesn’t minx at bed time.  Seems to be working so far.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who voted for me on the Easy Living facebook page. I am able to see who six or so of you are – but for some reason not the rest so thank you to you all. I fear that this may be a bit of a long process but I am not entirely sure…

Tomorrow I hope to bring you another “Sunday Best”outfit but with a trip to Ikea planned that could all turn into more of a “Sunday Stressed” outfit.  Oh the thought of it. Quick, pass me the chocolate – or something stronger.

Today’s outfit – M&S dress and tights, Jigsaw shoe boots, Gap jacket and shirt, Marc Jacobs bag


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