iStylista – Your Online Personal Stylist

For those of you who have been reading Style Guile for a while now, you may remember that I wrote a post a while ago about “iStylista” – Your Online Personal Stylist. 

Just to re-cap, iStylista is run by Chantelle Znideric, an award winning personal stylist. Chantelle founded iStylista in 2007 as a result of a desire to offer personal shopping and professional style advice to women anywhere in the world, at the click of a button.

From the consumers point of view, iStylista can be utilised in three way. First, by entering your details, it is possible to download your very own personal style guide, tailor made to take account of your bodyshape, colouring, height – everything really! The guides are fantastic, very detailed and a real reference point for the future.

Secondly, by completing an online style profile, the team of stylists at iStylista will pre-select pieces for your specific requirements which can then be purchased on line or direct from the stores.

Thirdly, if you would like enlist the service of a Personal Stylist to help you re-vamp your Wardrobe, shop for a specific occasion, create a capsule wardrobe or for any other styling requirement, you can use iStylista’s global personal stylist directory to find a stylist in your area, who will also be happy to provide a free fifteen minute telephone consultation. And yes, it does include me!

So if you have a spare few minutes during your lunch break and would like to utilise the services of a personal shopper from the comfort of your desk,  it could be well worth dropping by iStylista to familiarise yourself with the site and to see how it can benefit you.

Happy shopping!


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