My second “hero” brand – COS

The second brand in my “hero” posts is COS – Collection Of Style – which is Swedish. There are several popular Scandinavian brands at the moment, including Acne and Day Birger but their pricing is definitely at the “upper” end of the High Street – if not slightly above.  Their appeal is, in essence, their simple styling which often comes with a twist.  COS fills that gap of affordable Scandanavian chic – and I love it.

If like me you are a fan of neutrals – largely navy, black and grey – and great tailoring, COS is the place for you.  They add in the odd splash of neon and prints – but not much. Their pieces are great for creating a classic capsule wardrobe but with a twist.  They some times use quirky fabrics – neoprene for example – and their styling is different to what you may find in other shops, which is why I love it.  Price wise, most things tend to end in a “9”, whether it be £49, £59 or £69!

These are some of my favourite Cos pieces, taken against a back drop of a photograph of Shell Beach on Herm, which is a tiny, tiny Channel Island and one of my all time favourite places in the world….

I bought this dress when I was looking for something simple, sophisticated and warm to wear when I was delivering a seminar at the annual Mumpreneur conference last year.  It has a zip around the middle which I thought was a great feature. It was one of those things that I put on and just thought “yes, this is it!” and the deal was done! This is a picture of me wearing it at another style event before Christmas.

Another of my favourite dresses is this evening one, in purple, which has amazing draping and is also structured beautifully inside.

COS also does great knitwear and here is my “Christmas jumper” which I fear may, as a result of the cold weather, be due an outing soon. I think it’s very George Michael and “Last Christmas” so when I wear it, it is always slightly tongue in cheek!

Finally another piece of knit wear and a favourite high waisted skirt of mine which I wear together as the skirt needs a short jumper and the jumper shrank slightly in the wash – so they are now the perfect pairing!

And for my last outfit, the one I was wearing on Friday – COS neon skirt and Cos navy jumper with neon spots!

I have also bought some Chelsea boots from COS this season and some fairly high rise grey skinny jeans – great for holding in the tum!

It is now possible to buy COS on line which is great but if you can get to a store to do a bit of trying on, it’s definitely worth going to have a play. Let me know what you think!


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