Mum on the Run – One day, two outfits.

Some days you see something and you just know it’s a sign. So today’s sign? A banana skin on the ice.  What could it possibly mean other than I was going to fall flat on my butt at some point? In fact I didn’t fall on my bottom but when I arrived home there were several people on the road directing the traffic to slow down as there had been so many bumps.  It is lethal just outside our house and I remember skidding down the hill one year and crashing into  –  a grit bin! Oh the irony of it! So there I was chucking grit onto the road with the neighbours – all very community spirited of us!

My friend and I thought that it would be amusing to take my photo under this one way sign.  It also prompted an early redition of “the only way is up” which we found funny at least.

My outfit for the school run included Mango jeans – the shape of which is good because they are quite trouser like – if you get my drift. They are also wide enough to accommodate the leopard print boots which are the only things that keep me upright in the snow. I really should invest in some decent wellies which actually keep the water out but I just can’t bring myself to pay decent welly prices.  I am a Woolworth’s girl at heart when it comes to wellies!  It doesn’t stop me from admiring my friend’s Hunters though.

For a bit of colour I added my Whistles coral cardi and my Zara green and coral scarf.  I am not sure whether the Reiss biker jacket is actually very warm or not but with that many layers underneath it, it is certainly snug and would have a hard job not keeping me warm.

Later on in the day I changed into this for a meeting that I had about an exciting new project which I will tell you all about once I have got my head around it all!  This is the very short dress that I featured a couple of weeks ago – it is far shorter than something I would normally wear but it’s quite conservative in style and with thick tights I can just about pull it off – on a good day! I also wore a Boden cashmere cropped cardigan – not only are they warm but they finish at the right place on dresses. Naturally I changed back again for the school run and my mad tidying the house and cooking fest in preparation for the weekend.  I am trying very hard to be a domestic goddess!


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