Mum on the Run – a yellow Cos outfit from head to toe (almost!)

I thought that the neon skirt ought to have an airing today as it has sat in the Wardrobe for a while.  It was so cold at school this morning that I didn’t like to ask anyone to take their gloves off to take a photo and instead I sussed out how to do it at home. The skirt is from Cos and I put it with a spotty jumper, also from Cos….

This isn’t normally a colour I would go for but I just liked the brightness of it all.

I really need to go and get out for a walk on this lovely sunny bright day.  I have sat still for far too long and I will soon turn into a blob. It’s either that or clean the windows. Our youngest was waving to the others this morning with her toothbrush in her hand. She then decided to clean around the edge of the windows with said toothbrush – which is now black (ooops!).  So yes, the windows could do with some attention but frankly it’s Friday and why would I want to clean windows today or any day? Why indeed?!

Actually, on the topic of the youngest, she’s a bit wary of me at the moment. I gave her a kiss on her nose the other day and gave her an electric shock.  It was severe enough to make her cry and I felt it too. Must be all that nylon I’m wearing!  Anyway, she wants me to keep my distance from her as I make her “fizz” apparently!  There are many parenting misdemeanours about which I don’t feel too bad – but this one? Even though it wasn’t intentional, I feel terrible!


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