Mum on the Run – A Sunday Best outfit of Reiss and Stella & Dot

Carrying on with my “Sunday Best” theme, today I am all in Reiss. I bought the dress in the sale a few years ago for something like £37.  I call it my “Fifi” dress as it reminds me of Fifi and the flower tots! The detail at the top broadens my shoulders which in turn slims my bottom half – which works really well for all pear shaped ladies.  A similar effect can be achieved, although to a lesser extent, with horizontal stripes, embellishment, shoulder pads and narrow lapels – all of which will broaden the upper body. 

Working down the outfit, the belt was also a Reiss sale purchase, which I am wearing back to front.  It’s a grey patent crocodile print. The shoes I bought for my husband’s 40th birthday party – and I have to say that they were agony until I wore them in.  The straps on them are also grey crocodile print. I have included another photograph to give a better view of the wedge heels.

I also changed my ear-rings for this art deco inspired pair from Stella & Dot. There’s a whole Great Gatsby thing going on at the moment so these are my token gesture towards that particular trend.

Hope that you have had a lovely day in the sunshine. We opened the gate at the bottom of our garden and wandered into the allotments and the picnic area for a game of catch and a packet of chocolate buttons. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially in February!  Oh and then we came back to these for afternoon tea – as made by our son and my hubby when I was out running this morning. Such a treat to come home to and naturally I felt fully justified in having some…or a little bit more than some.


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  1. Anne
    February 26, 2012 / 7:13 pm

    You look fab! Love the dress! I must spruce up my front tubs …your porch looks so Spring-like:) The cakes look delish!:)~Anne

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