Mum on the Run – An outfit for sprinting on the school run!

I’m slightly worried because when I went to the fridge for a mid-morning scoobie snack I found a hairbrush in it. Anything that can act as storage in our house is always welcome but the fridge?  I’m not so sure.  Either I put the hairbrush there in error – quite possible but slightly worrying – or our youngest thought it amusing to put it there – quite possible and less worrying – and also better, I suppose, than her previous penchant for sitting in the fridge.

It was the first day back at school after half term and I knew that we would be making the journey on foot (and/or scooter) which can only mean on thing – footwear that I can run in, and run fast in, if necessary.  So today I had to plan my outfit from the ground up – which is actually quite often the case. 

My Cos Chelsea Boots are the best for running in. Having opted for those, it had to be skinny jeans really.  Some gazelle like girls can do a skirt/dress and Chelsea Boots but not me. I have a little roll of chub that comes out of the top of the boots – not a good look really.  Sort of a peplum look really which is very “on-trend” for this season but not if it’s made out of chubbiness!

After that it was a case of a top which was long enough to be decent. I’m not a fan of skinny jeans and short tops – I feel happier with a bit of length to cover me up. Then I opted for the pink Benetton coat, Zara printed scarf and M and S gloves.

After the drop at our school I headed to another local school to do a bit of PR for my upcoming Style Event on 1 March in Birmingham (OK, handing out flyers).  You can find further details of the event on the “Events” page at the top – if you would like to!


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