Mum on the Run – Mango Lace Skirt, Red Patent KG shoes

I am not sure that anyone else will be particularly interested but I was pleased to find out that it was, in fact, our youngest who had put the hairbrush in the fridge yesterday so on this occasion at least, it wasn’t me suffering from a severe case of memory lapse.

Today saw me running to school again and then running back home, for a telephone interview with one of the glossies – which was something different for a Tuesday morning.  Next Tuesday I am off to London for a photo shoot.  I might squeeze in a quick cuppa with my sis too, which would be super fab.  Tuesdays seem to be my day for fun things happening.

After my interview I went into town to meet and style my first model for the Style Event that I am holding next week in Birmingham.  We had a great time. It’s such fun styling people and just buying whatever we fancy (within reason).  There are lots of lovely colours and prints out there and it’s just so nice to see come colour. I would love to put the photos up of my favourite things but I guess that would kind of spoil it for next week.  I am meeting another of my models tomorrow and then two more the following days….so it’s a busy but fun week. There’s only one thing to turn to in when there are lots of balls to juggle…Toblerone!

Today’s Outfit Is: Mango Lace Skirt – great because although it’s lace, it is made from cotton (if that makes sense!) and has some stretch in it, Warehouse sparkly jumper, KG red patent shoes.


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