Mum on the Run – Long velvet Topshop skirt and a snuggly knit

I took our eldest to her ice skating lesson this morning and boy, it was freezing in there, which gave me the perfect opportunity to bring out my long Topshop skirt with plenty of thermals/tights underneath it. It’s velvet(ish) so to stop it from looking too “eveningy” I put it with a chunky knit, denim shirt and biker boots.   I like making items as versatile as possible – so dressing down velvet/lace and sequins with denim/stripes and chunky knits. It can make apparent evening pieces work so much harder for you in your Wardrobe and for me, that’s what it’s all about.  It’s not my favourite outfit but it’s good to keep ringing the changes. 

My hubby and I are really good at buying cards for one another well in advance  –  so we are always well organised for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas etc. The problem is that he forgets that he’s bought them and I forget that I’ve hidden them, which means we often have to dash out at the last minute to buy more. I found my Mother’s day cards in the sideboard last October and my Christmas card on top of the kitchen cupboard in January. I have also just found the first Valentine card that I bought for my husband (having bought a reserve today) together with his Christmas card that I couldn’t find, in my bedside table. Oh well, at least the intention is good.

We went out this afternoon and I thought that this was an amazing winter sight. Makes you feel chilly doesn’t it? I can’t imagine that I will be packing away the Heat-tech any time soon!


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