Mum on the Run – how to keep warm on (another) cold day!

I knew that I shouldn’t have had that glass of wine which was going spare after I had made the Jamie stew tonight – I can hardly type!  I’m such a lightweight.

Our eldest has passed comment tonight that her Dad and I aren’t much use to her in the maths department and that her friends are so much better off then she is because their parents are doctors (and therefore good at maths) – or just good at maths in general.  Well pardon me for not remembering the formula for the volume of a prism.

Next week is half term so I plan to devote a bit more time to looking at the trends for s/s ’12 and giving you some guidance on how to wear them.  That is assuming that I get any more time than usual, which is probably unlikely but fingers crossed and all that.

Today really was freezing and so, having not worn it for a while, I pulled out the Cos snowflake cardigan, aka the Wham “Last Christmas” cardi! I dressed it up a bit with my Jigsaw jersey dress, Dune brogues and then added a bit of colour with my pink coat.

This is another picture of the same cardi that I wore when shopping for the children’s school shoes, almost exactly a year ago.  There I wore it with jeans and converse – today with a dress and smarter shoes. It’s quite a versatile little fella really!


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