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So, here’s to another day in the life of a potential top fashion blogger – looking after a poorly child, doing the washing and making a lasagne, which, it transpires, no one is prepared to eat other than my husband.  Mind you, he deserves a bit of a treat poor chap.  He’s not really able to have a proper conversation with  me at the moment (if he ever could) because I just keep going “I can’t believe it. Have you seen those other blogs…” Mind you I have just spoken to a friend who told me that in her book, being nominated for a blog award from Red Magazine would be even better.  So that’s that bubble burst then!

Actually I had a lovely day.  I had a meeting to finalise the details of a fashion event that I am doing in Birmingham on 1st March and I also spent many happy hours researching a new wardrobe for a lovely client who is too busy to shop – so I get to do it for her!  Now that’s my idea of fun. 

This photo was taken by my son as we were on the way to school with the youngest.  I have had my spotty Boden coat for a while.  It would actually look better a couple of inches shorter – but then I faced the fact that the chances of  it being altered in the next three years were probably somewhat remote so I decided to wear it anyway, together with Warehouse teal skinny jeans, warehouse sparkly jumper, cashmere scarf, H and M leather gloves and Cos chelsea boots. Here’s another spotty item that I found when having a quick look round – something for the summer!

These shoes cost £29.50 from Marks and Spencer and I liked them because they are cheeky and they made me smile. I love a bit of a spot and a bit of blanket stitch and they are a kind of go with anything type of shoe – skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, capris – you get the idea!

Boden has lots of spotty things in the sale, from jackets to tops and dresses so if you fancy something spotty, look no further than there.

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