Mum on the Run…at the end of a long day

Just a quick one tonight as I want to go and watch the second Coronation Street. The script writers have excelled themselves tonight – a chopped off finger being put in a slush puppy to save it – genius!

I was feeling rather guilty about our four year old watching Barbie dvds but I have reached the conclusion that it is not a bad thing after all.  For a start, she is learning the music to all of the ballets (tick) she is learning lots about mythical creatures (Griffins, Pegasus etc) and she has picked up some top phrases which make me laugh “Mum, [insert name of sibling] is ruining my life…”  She is also becoming au fait with how the dvd operates and understands how to select the dvd in English, rather than German – so not bad all in all. Phew, move on to the next issue which induces parental guilt.

So this is one pretty poor photo of me looking tired and without any make up on – all that domesticity – it really takes it out of me! Added to that, our son, understandably was more interested in going and opening another pack of his Star Wars Force Attack cards than taking (even more) photos of his Mum. Poor chap, he deserves a medal!

I am wearing grey skinny Cos jeans, shoe boots, Cos shirt dress, Reiss skinny belt, Oasis long cardi and pink coat – and if you can see any of that I am impressed.


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