Mum on the Run – worshipping at the altar of parcels of new clothing (Boden, Reiss and Whistles) part 1

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The problem with children being at home in the day is that they find out what you get up to and to be honest, I feel a bit invaded.  They creep up on you unannounced and find you eating chocolate. They have an inordinate capacity to block certain sounds out – but if the doorbell rings, with a parcel for me – that’s a different matter. They are there like a shot and after the fourth time they turn round in amazement and say “That’s the fourth parcel you’ve had today. Is this all that you do when I am at school?” Cheeky whatsits.

So here are the parcels, displayed in all their glory in the den left by the “fairies” for our daughter’s fourth birthday at the weekend. And here are the contents, displayed on a hanging rail having been opened:

Shall we take a closer look?  (Sounds very Playschool like that doesn’t it?) Oh how I wish they had covered clothes on playschool, rather than going through the round window and finding how milk bottles were filled.

This for me is one of my favourite pieces – a teal leather jacket from Whistles, reduced from £325 to £95.  Now I’m not for one minute suggesting that £95 is an insignificant sum of money, but it is significantly less than £325, so qualifies as a good saving in my book.

This is the Kingfisher blue bag from Reiss in all its glory – reduced to £55 from £195. It really is lovely in real life!

If you are after an evening bag then Reiss is the place to head.  Look for the Earlham Clutch in midnight (£39 from £79) the Surya clutch in Kingfisher (£129 to £38) and the Sola clutch in emerald (£79 to £25) – north to south below!  They are all lovely and way more interesting than black.

So, these are the Reiss shoes – also a very pretty shade of blue and good for those who no longer like to wear anything too strappy and revealing – they have some substance about them!

All in all, it’s all looking a bit blue at the moment but there’s more for tomorrow that isn’t blue – plus a little bit more that is!  I haven’t tried anything on yet – that’s yet to come!


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