Mum on the Run – What I wear at home (on a very bad day!)

I thought that it would be an idea to post a picture of what I wear on a typical day at home – except that I look like a freak on this photo as everything is so out of proportion.  It made me laugh though so I decided to post it anyway – knowing that I don’t really have size 13 feet and that it is just my “Ugglies” throwing me off balance.  Now you can see why I don’t wear them out! I would cause people to scream in the street and run.

I am getting so excited about London Fashion Week – not just for the obvious reasons but because I love spotting the fashionistas wearing totally inappropriate clothing for February.  That always makes me smile – flimsy tops, no coat, bare legs and so on and grinning despite the cold through chattering teeth. However, at least they are wearing the latest collection from designer X – so that’s all right!

I am looking forward to next week – getting my teeth into some styling and promoting projects that are coming up.  Now that Christmas is over, both girls have had their birthdays and the Marie Claire voting has closed it’s time to knuckle down again.  That’s if I make it to next week. Our eldest is being really annoying today – on purpose.  She keeps saying “Go on, tell me to stop doing that.”  So I ask her to stop and then she says: “You can’t say that, it’s my birthday.”  Sounds like she has the annoying teenager routine licked on day one. Fabulous!


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