Mum on the Run – wearing jeans and info about jeans!

I have worn this combination a few times since Christmas, so forgive me! Today I put my Cos shirt dress with a gold Reiss skinny belt, shoe boots and a pink Next cardi.  I went running this morning and I am always cold afterwards so I snuggled up in this combo, under which I had also layered a vest and a striped long sleeve top.

Yesterday I said that I would do a post about jeans.  The biggest trends for jeans at the moment are printed (animal, flower, spots – take your pick!) coloured and waxed. 

Trends aside, the most common problem I come across is jeans that gape at the back.  Lots of ladies have a slim waist and curvier hips and thighs – which means that if they want jeans to accommodate their hips and thighs, they are huge on the waist. 

The best jeans that I have found to deal with this problem are as follows:

In terms of shape, boot cut are probably the best shape to wear if you have curvier thighs and bottom as they address the slight imbalance in proportions.

Gap curvy – cut to deal with this very problem.  They come in different finishes, different leg lengths and they are a great price.  If you sign up for their discounts it is often possible to get 30% off.  They also do trousers in the same cut which is great.  Try the real straight if you fancy something other than than a boot cut.

Oasis Scarlett – amazingly these are cut for curvy ladies.  They come in different finishes (indigo, black and lighter blue) and in three different lengths too. At £40 ish they are a great buy and they deal with this problem really well.  For a straight leg try the Oasis cherry.

Hobbs – they have a fairly high rise and are also great at dealing with this problem.  A high rise is also fantastic for dealing with a bit of a “mummy tummy”, “mummy thighs” and anything else that those baby blighters throw at us!  They are a dark indigo, so slimming and with a boot flare too.  Not necessarily the most trendy but definitely the most flattering for those with curves and a good style staple.

Topshop – Jessie.  Again a boot cut with a higher rise so great for closing the gap at the back. 

Armani – These are on the more expensive side but probably have the highest rise out of all of the jeans.

Warehouse and Cos both do skinny jeans with a higher rise and boy they feel lovely!

If you have the opposite problem – that being very narrow hips and thighs but with more of tummy, it can be hard to find good jeans on the High Street.  Many of them are too baggy around the bottom and thighs and too low in the rise.   The more expensive brands J-Brand, Seven, James all have styles which are great at dealing with this issue – and whilst I am not necessarily an advocate of expensive jeans for the sake of a label, if the fit is great it’s better to have one pair of great fitting jeans than four pairs of poorly fitting ones. A way to avoid paying the full price is to find out your size and have them shipped in from the States. They will be much cheaper that way.

Hope that helps you get on the road to the perfect jeans!


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