Mum on the Run – A warm outfit for a cold day!

Oh yes, today it was cold!  Having not worn this jumper for a while, I decided that it would do a fine job of keeping me warm.  It is grey leopard print with sequins on the front and it was from Jesire.  I put a denim shirt underneath or else it is a little bare at the neck. I put it with the Cos grey skinnies and the chelsea boots.

The chelsea boots were worn because we were about to embark on a trip to the High Street with the four year old on her scooter – and when the scooter is involved there is always potential for running.  In fact, today she was actually behind my son and myself – we knew that she was safe as we could hear her singing Justin Bieber at full pelt. The song went “Baby, baby, baby…..” silent.  So we turned round and there she was, splattered on the pavement with the scooter in the hedge. Bless her.  And poor Justin – his song was ruined. Mind you, with the paternity suit hanging over him at the moment that’s probably the least of his worries.

We have had family visiting today and so I had to flex my muscles in preparation for doing battle with my three year old nephew over my diet coke (again) as on boxing day. I am confident of winning – although it may be mis placed.  He’s pretty tough!

I also had a delivery today – a not insignificant one at that….

it’s all in a day’s work! Can’t wait to rummage through these babies!


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