Mum on the Run – Trolley Dolly (Cos jumper, Hobbs shoes, Zara skirt)

So there I was making soup, unloading the dishwasher and wondering how I was going to stop our four year old from shouting “See you suckers” to her older brother’s friends.

I was also thinking about how our eldest managed to cause hysterics in her French lesson by using her croaky voice to do an impression of Darth Vader.  I think her exact words were “Luke Skywalker, I am your father”.  She hadn’t appreciated that her class had gone silent – apparently she was too engrossed in her impression to notice.  Twenty, thirteen year old girls in hysterics.  Glad I wasn’t in control of that class.

At that point I decided to take a look at the other blogs that have been long listed for the Marie Claire best fashion blog awards – boy what a mistake that was! 

For a start, I am probably old enough to be the mother of many of the other bloggers.  There they all are, long limbed, shiny hair, with time to take lots of photos of each outfit, all of which are beautifully styled and posed….and then we come to my blog.  Oh flip!  Photos taken in a 20 second window before rushing to the car, generally by our ten year old if not by our daughter when she was three!

If I wore the clothes that the younger bloggers are wearing I would look like Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous.  Which would certainly get me noticed but for all the wrong reasons.  I wondered whether in including me in the long list the lovely people at Marie Claire are simply complying with a piece of anti-discriminatory legislation – perhaps I am their token oldie!

So whilst the title of today’s post represents a glamorous, if not slightly sexist, phrase – the “Trolley” in my world is more of the supermarket variety.  However, I have tapped into the colour of the Pan Am uniform in my blue Hobbs shoes and blue Cos jumper.  That, however, I am afraid is where the similarity ends!

I love Hobbs shoes – I bought these a couple of seasons ago as one of my first Spring purchases but for this season I have my eye on these, the Hobbs Guildford loafer in navy patent.  At £149 they aren’t cheap but they will last for years and they are a wardrobe staple so……

I will style them with skinny jeans or peg trousers with a silk T or shirt, a cross body bag and off I will go – in style (and comfort)!


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