Mum on the Run – Thank you!

For once, I don’t know where to start. I wanted to blog before the school run started but given that it starts in 20 minutes and I still have the dinner to finish and the ballet things to sort out, I think it’s unlikely.

I was going to tell you about the new contraption that we have in our house which was rigged up by our eldest on a pulley system when she couldn’t be bothered to come downstairs to deliver a glue stick to her brother.  The fact that she had to come downstairs to rig up the contraption in the first place, seemed to escape her.

I was also going to tell you about how I managed to mention my husband on the radio this morning. He  complains that he never  gets a mention but the perfect opportunity arose today when the BBC called and asked me to talk on air about GQ’s list of best dressed men. I managed to get in how shiny shoes are a must for men when wearing a suit and how my husband always polishes his on a Sunday night.  So now he’s had his mention!

I was also going to tell you how I still need to prepare myself for tomorrow’s Marie Claire blog award ceremony – specifically how my handbag needs to be emptied of all the detritus that it carries, which currently includes a lindt chocolate egg, a button, a yellow pen lid, a peppa pig hair clip and an emergency packet of paper chains which I have had in there since I attended all the various carol concerts with the then three year old in tow. 

However, there really isn’t time for any of that so for now, I just wanted to thank everyone at Marie Claire for liking StyleGuile enough to long list it in the first place and to everyone who voted for me, together with everyone at Marie Claire (again) for helping it on its way to the short list. I am eternally grateful to you all and thank you so much for all of your support.  Tomorrow will be an amazing day I am excited beyond belief – in much the same way as I looked forward to collecting my first ever car – a 1.9 diesel Peugeot 205 Style – so cool!  Beth x


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