Mum on the Run – Some spots, some pastels, some silk and a big dollop of wishful thinking!

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Last night I decided that I needed to share my Cath Kidston pyjamas and “Ugglies” with a wider audience so at just past mid-night, I took them for an outing to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital – where they stayed with me until 4am. I took a child along too – just for good measure.  I think that the hospital staff appreciated my sartorially elegant self at that time in the morning.  I have to say that they did an amazing job of curing our poorly girl. By 4am though I was starting to get a little worried that I would still be there at 6am – ie day time, waiting for a taxi to get me home in said PJ’s as hubby would have had to go on ahead to deal with the older two.  Fortuntately we snook back before daylight and oddly enough, I declined my husband’s very kind offer to take a photograph of me for this post. 

Our eldest is thirteen on Sunday and we shared a typically teen type conversation the other morning which I thought I would share – Me “I’m struggling with my tights this morning” (For some reason I couldn’t get them on even though we were the right size for one another) Her: “I’m struggling with my eyelids.” Oh the taste of things to come.

I really couldn’t inflict a photo on you today – the one above, which was taken yesterday, is bad enough (no criticism of the photographer – just me). If I had worked out how to crop the photo I would have chopped my head off to save you all but as it is, I don’t know how to so apologies for that.  I am wearing some spotted trousers that I bought in Topshop yesterday.  They are tailored so smart, but spotty at the same time. You can probably zoom in on the trousers if you would like a closer look but a word of warning – stay away from the face! I put them with a coral top which I also got in Topshop.  It was in the sale, reduced from £42 to £12.  I had my eye on it before Christmas so I was chuffed.

I also bought this lovely silk shirt from H and M.  It is Kingfisher blue so really vibrant and it cost £35 ish – which is quite a lot for H and M but not for silk.  It also comes in cream.  I have decided that silk shirts are the way forward for me this summer.  I have never really liked T shirts and some of the tops are too strappy/revealing so shirts could be a good alternative.

Finally, I bought this pencil skirt.  There is a shift dress in the same fabric which featured in Grazia this week but I could only get hold of the skirt for now.  It’s a great fit – very high waisted and taps into the trend of all things pastel, pretty and ladylike. I quite like the idea of wearing this skirt to an awards ceremony so if anyone knows of one which is due to take place and they would like to invite me along, please just let me know. I promise to wear something else with it – not just the skirt on its own.

Voting closes today for the Marie Claire best fashion blog of the year award.  Thank you to all of you who have followed what I have been up to and who have voted for me and thank you to the new followers that I have gained along the way.  I am keeping everything crossed (which is a little uncomfortable) and will let you know how I get on.


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