Mum on the Run – A printed dress and a chunky knit

From a styling perspective, life would be so much easier if I lived in LA or somewhere warm and sunny.  Imagine the options available if walking far wasn’t an issue – or chasing after a delinquent on a scooter.  Think of those endless outfit options – shorts, short skirts, different fabrics, all types of shoes.  Actually, forget the short skirts and shorts – the ravages of three pregnancies have knocked the bare leg look on the head for me. 

As it is, I feel a little limited at the moment.  The need for warmth trumps (don’t you love that word?) all other style considerations. I could of course cheat and waft around in a pretty dress for a photo and then immediately get changed into jeans – but that would not be in the spirit of Mum on the Run and anyway I haven’t got time to keep getting changed.  Once that body butter is sealed in with a vest there’s no way I’m letting the body heat back out!

Today’s shot was taken at some unearthly hour.  You’ll have to excuse the bleary eyed look – I have a stinking cold.  I was tempted to wear jeans but decided to make an effort on the basis that it might make me feel better.  I am wearing an M&S Limited collection printed dress, Oasis chunky knit and Coast belt. It really all needed straightening out and pulling together a bit more but getting the three muskerhounds and myself out by 7.50am left little time for faffing!

I’m really hoping that the voting is going well for the Marie Claire blog awards.  I fear that the children are leaving me behind. Even our youngest has secured herself an award in the form of a swimming badge – although she wasn’t impressed with the blue whale on it and promptly gave it to her older sis.  Apparently it wasn’t pink enough.

I have had a number of you ask where you might find a shoe boot.  M&S is always great for shoe boots and I love this pair from Jigsaw, which are currently in the sale, reduced from £129  to £89.  Because they are fairly low cut around the ankle they will be more flattering than some which come higher up the leg.  
Leather Shoe Boot - Jigsaw Women's, Sale Shoes and Boots


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