Mum on the Run – one dress, two very different outfits

So there we were – my goggle marked eyes and I, sitting in the kitchen finalising the details for my tax return when one of the best excuses I could imagine for not doing it came along to distract me.  It was brilliant – I didn’t even have to make it up, or resort to the washing/ironing/cooking to get me away.  It came in the form of a text from a friend which read “Well done! Have just seen the short list for Marie Claire.” And there it was – a pathway to freedom from numbers.

Actually, that’s all a bit dramatic as I only had about five queries to answer but it was great for a while – until I realised that I really needed to get back to the tax return but then found that I couldn’t because I was so excited.  I had to force myself to knuckle down though as I wasn’t totally confident that the tax man would think that my excuse was as good as I seemed to think it was. Taxman – clothes/fashion/magazines/blogging?  Not the most obvious combination.

I don’t know about being shortlisted for a fashion blog award, how about being the winner of a bad mother of the year award? Today I managed to turn up to ballet without our daughter’s ballet skirt and with only one ballet shoe.  Her graciousness in accepting my error was touching. She said “Don’t worry Mummy, it’s not your fault.”  The trouble is that it was, utterly and totally my fault.  Hope she’s as forgiving in the years to come.

Today I thought that I would show you the same dress styled in two different ways.  The dress is a Gap A-line jersey dress with a slight 1960’s feel.  This morning I took it further down the 1960’s route and put it with a pink Boden coat and pink pied a terre shoes which reference the 60’s themselves, as above. 

This afternoon I styled it differently – with a leather jacket and biker boots and I accessorised it with a long necklace and small child who is doing an impersonation of a triffid (nb a small child is not compulsory to accessorise this look. However, whilst I would condone breaking many rules for the sake of fashion – if you did decide that you wanted one, it is probably best not to borrow one without asking)


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