Mum on the Run – New Jigsaw shoe boots, peg trousers and a sparkly jumper

Our son was given a mention in assembly this week in recognition of his work in taking the photos for the blog. Apparently his IT teacher wants to take a look at it to check it out from a technical perspective.  I’d rather he didn’t.  There’s so much technology out there that it’s difficult to know where to start.  There’s instagram for photos, pinterest and tumblr (or in my case fumblr or bumblr).  One blogger told how her husband sits on the settee next to her of an evening designing her blog for her.  My husband doesn’t really have much of an idea of how any of this works but he makes a mean chocolate ice-cream, so I’ll let him off.

Meanwhile, the four year old is continuing in her quest to become the biggest ladette in history.  This evening at the dinner table she said how she needed to do a “bottom woof” so she leant to one side and let out a trumpet.  None of us has any idea where she gets it from.  I don’t think that she gets if from Barbie of Swan Lake but now that she knows how to use the remote control, I wonder whether she watches re-runs of Men Behaving Badly in between episodes of Peppa Pig.

Following on from yesterday’s blog, today I was talking to a lady who went to Donna Ida for some jeans.  She had tried every style known to man without any luck – but refused to give up.  She wanted some skinny jeans to tuck into boots but if they fitted her curves they were too baggy on the knees and around her legs.  Anyway, the fourth pair that she tried on in Donna Ida fit her like a glove and she loves them.  Despite the fact she paid far more for a pair of jeans than she ever dreamt, she says that they are worth every penny.  In her words “I am a forty year old woman and I didn’t want a pair of jeans that slid down when I sat down.” I get where she’s coming from!

As to today’s outfit, I was off to a gym competition today and decided to wear my new (sale) Jigsaw shoe boots in as I may wear them to the blog awards on Tuesday.  Having realised that there is a place in my Wardrobe for some shoe boots, I decided to invest in a better quality pair and put the £17 from Florence & Fred at Tesco into semi-retirement.  Not that there’s anything wrong with them – they were a great foray into shoe boots whilst deciding whether they really were for me or not but the heel looks like it might become unhinged at any moment.  I also wore my Topshop peg trousers,  Warehouse sparkly jumper and green Zara scarf.  I really should have had the photos taken again but I was late leaving for the competition so this Mum had to run before I missed my opportunity to impress the judges with my full twisting Yurchenko. Ouch!



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