Mum on the Run – the Marie Claire Blog and Twitter awards

So today was the day – the Marie Claire blog and twitter awards 2012!  It was a fabulous day, I met some lovely people and the change in routine was a real treat.  However, at the end of it all I couldn’t wait to get home and do you know why?  To take my flippin’ skirt off. Much as I liked it, I’m a bit more of a climb the stairs two by two kind of girl, rather than a standing on the escalators kind of girl. Not today though. I was so frustrated with how fast I was moving my legs but with how little progress I was making that I was tempted to take my skirt off whilst walking down the street.  Had I been wearing a long coat I probably would have done.  But I didn’t fancy getting arrested today so I stuck with it.  The advantage (for the bank balance at least) of not being able to walk very fast or very far was that after the awards were over, rather than going to Selfridges, which was in my sight, I headed home on an earlier train – OK so I looked in Maje and Sandro en route but they were on my tottering way back to the tube.

As to the awards themselves – there was nothing coming my way today but I was so happy to have made it to the last ten that I honestly didn’t mind.  Seeing my blog come up on four screens around the room was amazing and suddenly made it very real! Monica, from the Elgin Avenue, who did win, was lovely and I hope that the award really helps with her developing career. Here’s a photo of me with Monica (middle) and Wendy from Thank FiFi  who was also short listed for the same award as me.

The photo below is of me with Amanda Start  – the Online Stylist, who was highly commended in the fashion twitter awards.  It was Amanda who inspired me to start a blog in the first place when I saw an article on her in Woman & Home magazine in 2010 – so I owe her a big thank you. Instead I bought her a coffee, which I am not quite sure is thanks enough but I can’t afford to get her a Michael Kors bag – which I know she would love!

So meeting Amanda and the others was great, getting a free Marie Claire mag and lots of pastries was great but the best bit?  Getting home, taking my skirt off, putting my jeans on and leaping down the stairs – that and our eldest coming home with two certificates for getting full marks in a school project.  Now that was a happy face worth seeing!  


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