Mum on the Run – Knackered jeans and well, just knackered in general!

Some days you know that it’s not worth trying to rescue your outfit – and today was one of them!  I had spent most of the afternoon on the kitchen floor re-packing, boxing and sorting out the paperwork for the returns for the 8 boxes of Boden clothes that I had had delivered a couple of weeks ago. 

Glamourous it was not but I quite enjoyed it in a “I like matching things up and filling in forms” kind of way. This photo was taken just as I was about to go to the post office to return some of the boxes so frankly I knew that I should just write the day off outfit wise and wait to start again another day.

My thoughts have turned to what I will wear next Tuesday to the Marie Claire blog awards.  I have realised that I really need to get my butt in to gear so I have booked a hair appointment – but that is all.  There’s no time for the tummy tuck or breast implants so they will have to wait although I might manage to squeeze in getting my nails done. Our four year old told me tonight that she likes my teeth (random) so at least they can stay as they are for now too.

The lovely people at Stella & Dot have offered to let me choose some jewellery, which is nice of them – but I can’t really do that until I have decided what to wear.  I have a couple of options in mind but I need to factor in the following:

  • getting dressed in the dark as I will be leaving the house at about 5.30am;
  • sitting on a train;
  • walking;
  • sitting in a cab;
  • the weather – wet/cold/snowy/warmish
  • what’s appropriate for the event
  • what’s age appropriate 
  • what time I have left to shop for something new (not much as it transpires)

So, what’s a girl to do?  Having far more nerve in writing than I do in person, I sent the lovely people at Victoria Beckham an email entitled “don’t laugh” asking them if I could borrow a dress.  Can you imagine what they will make of that? I concluded that they can only say no, so I have nothing to lose – and I find their likely response on reading my email vaguely amusing.  So than I rang H&M instead (let’s get real) to try and track down the dress version of the brocade skirt that I bought last week. They are on the case but may not be able to get one to me in time.  So that option might be out too.  So ultimately it may be a case of doing a bit of a “Kate”.  If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge to do a bit of re-cycling, then it sure is good enough for me  – I’m sure that I have a Reiss dress somewhere…..


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