Mum on the Run – It’s a bit of a Jigsaw day – parka, dress and scarf

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First of all I just wanted to say “thank you” to anyone who has voted for me for the Marie Claire fashion blog of the year award – I really do appreciate it.  Thank you also for your emails of support and a special hello to the lovely people of Guernsey and Jersey who have taken a look at the blog.  Could one of you please nip to Port Soif for me and take in the beautiful view?

So you’ve all heard of “hat” hair. What about “swimming hat hair”? That takes bad hair to a whole new level. And then you add in the goggles and the marks that they leave under your eyes – ten years younger – ha! More like 15 years older. It takes until about 4pm for the welts to disappear. Then there’s the limp to add in to the look. How do you get a limp from swimming? This is how. You take it upon yourself to try and beat the chap swimming in the lane next to you – you kick particularly hard and feel something “twang” at the bottom of your back. That’s how. So by 9.30am you end up with exceedingly bad hair, looking 15 years older and limping. Add to that thought the woolly hat which has to be worn for the walk home and you get the picture.  Press the delete button now!

The above photo was actually taken yesterday as we dashed out to do the school run.  The swimming goggle marks had gone – I wouldn’t inflict that look on anyone.  The whole point of the outfit is this -you’re only meant to notice the (wonky) scarf.  It’s a great styling trick (and I use the word “styling” in the loosest sense of the word in relation to the above photo)-having one item that stands out from the rest so the others can blend into the background.  In a few days time I will show you the items in my wardrobe that fulfill that role but for now…back to the outfit!

I am wearing a jersey Jigsaw dress and black tights from the M&S Autograph range (a new purchse which I love – the Autograph tights in general are v good.) I threw on my brown Hobbs biker boots (my daugher has taken to wearing my black biker boots and they are now covered in mud – thanks v much for that one) and my Jigsaw parka.  Up until a few days ago the Parka stank of smoke from where I went in the garden with my son and lit fires, using a whole box of matches in the process – but an airing has sorted it out.  Then to distract from that whole mish mash I put on my bright coral, long Jigsaw scarf, which I bought in the sale several seasons ago.

No-one saw me so the fact that I was a bit of a scummy Mummy didn’t bother me – or offend anyone else either!


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