Mum on the Run – An industrial warmth jumper for a cold day plus a tip on how to keep warm!

So today I am trying to be a really good wife/Mum.  There’s a chicken roasting in the oven and the breadmaker is on.  I am going to make a stew and the iron is sitting next to me, ready to be plugged in and used. The washing is on and the dryer too.  Great Mum but not so green eh?  If I had one of those things to tell me how much energy I was using, it would be whizzing it’s little socks off.  Oh and the radio and lap top are on too, plus the heating.

From where I’m sitting I think that it’s a common mis-conception that going shopping is worse for the bank balance. Staying at home costs much more so, I think that it’s time to ditch the “holier than thou” attitude and head to the Bull Ring. My good intentions can only last for so long anway.  There’s nothing wrong with sandwiches for dinner and slightly less-than-clean-but-not-quite-dirty clothes can always be turned inside out and given a shake.

I am not performing too well on the good mother stakes either.  This week our youngest was meant to take in an item for the sound table which began with the letter “J” so naturally I found it hard for our Rabbit that we had taken in, to fit the theme.  Oh flip. “R” is next week.  I did think about trying to pass little bunny off as Jugged hare but thought that might be a bit cruel.

I wore this outfit yesterday.  It was a beautiful but very cold and crispy morning.  I dug out my Jessie jeans from Topshop and put them with my fail safe and very warm cable knit jumper from Warehouse, striped Gap top and Hobbs biker boots plus my favourite Jigsaw necklace.  Having said that, by 4pm I had taken the lot off and put on my Cath Kidston PJ’s that I had for Christmas – oh how I love them!

I have found that on a cold day, if I lather myself in bodyshop body butter when I get out of the shower, then put my clothes on, I sort of seal my body heat in and cook slowly, retaining the heat for the day – a bit like the chicken that I have just taken out of the oven. I have been known on occasion to over do it and to go a bit pink but on the whole, it’s not a bad tip.


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