Mum on the Run – Guernsey Jumpers as worn by Alexa Chung

There are a few things in life about which I am passionate and so I decided to post about one of them.  Reviewing suspected miscarriages of justice is one, but prison clothes don’t really lend themselves well to a post about fashion – and that’s not meant to be flippant. It’s just true. 

Guernsey jumpers have a place in my heart.  I remember my Grandma and Grandad wearing them on holiday in Guernsey when I was little – drinking their gin as the sun went down.  Ah, bless them.

These Guernsey jumpers may not really look stylish or fashionable – don’t you just love this his ‘n’ hers 80’s look (bear with me on this one)!

However, the thing is that Guernsey’s have had a bit of a revival of late – it’s to do with the whole jumper thing you know, which has been so big (and so well received by me, at least) this season (and the fact that Alexa Chung was pictured wearing a Guernsey at Latitude last year).  Alexa got hers from Daks and they are also stocked at ASOS. 

This is TopShop’s version of the Guernsey…..

I have to say that I find it hard to swallow the “fashion” Guernseys – just because they are not the real deal. I have had it in mind to go up to the assistants in Topshop and point this out to them, telling them that they can get the real things from the Island after which they were named – but for obvious reason I quickly dismissed that idea.

Guernsey’s have been around for centuries. It’s thought that Mary Queen of Scots wore a pair of Guernsey stockings at her execution (nice)! Traditionally Guernsey’s were worn by fishermen and they formed a large part of the Island’s economy, which sadly, has been in decline over the years.  The wool is oiled so it’s waterproof and warm and – I reckon this is the best bit – you can wear them either way around. I like the sound of that – getting up on a cold winter’s morning, chucking it on and you’re done. I have to say though, I’m not quite sure how that works if you have a large bust. You could end up walking around with two rather large protrusions poking out of your back.

Unlike Cornish pasties, Guernseys haven’t yet been given a “Protected Geographical Indication” status by the European Commission – so anyone can make a jumper in the style of a Guernsey and call it a Guernsey (boo)!

Anyway, the point of all this is as follows:  for all you fashionistas out there, Guernsey’s are now officially trendy! Guernsey woollens are the only people on the Island making them  and you can have a bespoke one made just for you. I am going over in March and having one made during my two day visit there.  I’m also getting a tour of the workshop. I’m v excited! (ps Guernsey is also a top place for a holiday if you have children and the Moulin Huet tea rooms do the best crab sarnies in the world!)

PPS – I think that there’s some kind of code of blogging conduct that when you write about a product you have to include all sorts of caveats about whether you were paid, how you benefitted etc.  Well I’m just writing about Guernseys because I like them and for my Christmas present my Dad has actually paid for me to have one made – so there’s no financial incentive for me to say nice things at all!


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