Mum on the Run – Cos knit and A line skirt

Today was one of those days where there was so much to do that I didn’t really know where to start.  So I went to a coffee shop with our son and spent far too long doing maths homework with him and also learning what the collective noun was for monkeys.

There’s still a birthday cake and birthday biscuits to be baked, beds to be made for guests and all manor of other things that my brain can’t process – so I have decided to procrastinate, delegate and generally ignore all tasks until they become time urgent.  The plans for our eldest’s birthday tomorrow are constantly changing and slightly overwhelming so I am going to sit back and wait and see what happens. 

It has only taken me thirteen years but I have finally learnt the most important rule of parenting – just chill.  Relinquish control and let others be in charge.  That’s what I did this year with our Christmas tree.  I gave complete control of the aesthetics of the tree to our eldest and half an hour later she had her head in her hands wailing “I can’t cope with the stress of it.  All the ball balls are on the lower branches. I can’t cope.”  Result.

We were quite late getting up as we were catching up on sleep after our eventful night at the Children’s Hospital.  As there wasn’t much time to think about my outfit (is there ever?!)I chose my warm Cos jumper, Cos A line skirt and red shoes for a bit of colour. The high waist on the skirt is comfortable, the length is good and the fact that the jumper shrank a little means that the length of it works well with this skirt.  Every cloud….


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