Mum on the Run – boyfriend jeans and patent pumps

I had a brilliant hair do this morning.  Although I don’t have long hair, I do have a lot of it. I think that I get it from my Mum. She has been known to be walking through her local town, where there are some interesting genetic mixes, and for someone to shout to her  “OOOh, look at her in her wig!” This morning my hair looked like a cross between a Dynasty hair do and Ken Dodd’s. It was big, very big and vertical.  It caused much amusement amongst the children – which was a nice way to start the day.

In the name of fashion, I feel that it is important to read a variety of magazines, from the glossy monthlies, to the quality weeklies to the dire weeklies – the ones with the “spot the difference” and “Guess the celeb” puzzles in the back.  The one I was reading today was brilliant.  I have never seen so many orange faces, false eyelashes and fake boobs all in one place.  Lots of young girls seem to be sporting fake tans, hair extensions and those hideous false lashes.  Whilst a few strategically placed false eyelashes can look great, those awful “you could sweep the floor with them” kind of false eyelashes, caked in mascara are just revolting. They look so stiff and spidery and they must feel awful.

And then there are the stories – these are two of my favourite: the 60 year old mother who is training her 16 year old daugter to become a glamour model and follow in her footsteps (she should jolly well turn and run as fast as possible in the opposite direction) and wait for this….Michelle Heaton has asked Jordan to be the godmother to her baby daughter, Faith.  Can you imagine it – a bible and a cross at the christening? I don’t think so.  Would you ever send your teenage daughter to Jordan for moral and spiritual guidance?  Now whilst I admire Jordan for her work ethic, she has made some interesting life choices and I am not sure that she would be the first person to whom I would send my teenage daughter for advice.

As an alternative to skinny, bootleg or straight jeans, today I am wearing Topshop boyfriend jeans, my Reiss pea coat, Cath Kidston cross body bag and patent pumps.  They kind of work, kind of don’t but it’s good to ring the changes and see where it gets you. They are better in the summer with converse but I just fancied a change and there’s always tomorrow! It’s also given me the idea to write a post tomorrow about jeans – the problems they cause and how to fix them!


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