Mum on the Run – A beautiful blue bag and a Selfridges display

I saw this display when I was in Selfridges a few days ago and I had to take a picture of it. You can see the scale of the scrabble pieces next to the dresses – I love it!

I have also included a picture of my new love – a pale blue handbag which was also in Selfridges – it’s actually a much prettier blue than in the picture.  I picked it up from the stand and because it was situated next to a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be in the Mulberry price bracket.  However, try as I might, I could not make the three figures involved (£315) read £135 – although I was sure that really they should.  There was also a beautiful Balenciaga bag in pale blue but I didn’t even look at the tag on that one!

Last night I was looking at some of the other fashion blogs which have been short listed for the Marie Claire award.  Some of them are really professionally designed with beautiful, arty shots.  One lovely lady had taken photos of herself outside a London cafe, which she was visiting with her boyfriend one Sunday morning.  She was wearing a pretty flippy dress and soft layers, immaculately groomed and looking beautiful. This was followed by a shot of the natural history museum where they whiled away the afternoon.  So romantic! Oh flip! Compare that to yesterday’s anaemic shot of me in a car park in the pouring rain, about to go to the post office.  OK, let’s not.

I’ve never been arty.  The only, and I mean, only, picture that I ever had on the wall at school was a painting of……wait for it….a jelly fish!  How little skill do you need to have to be able to paint a jelly fish?  No one can argue with the shape (a blob) the colour (colourless) or the scale (they come in all different shapes and sizes – and constantly move as well.) I was so proud of that picture.  I was 8 at the time and I had been at school for 4 years by that stage.  Tragic.

I am trying to help our youngest learn to read at the moment.  When reading to her the other night she spotted a word that she recognised – it being “I”.  They are obviously taught at school to put the word into a sentence such as “I go to sleep, I like milk” etc.  So what does she come out with? “I burp.”  Yep, and I give up! On that note, I shall go and continue to scrabble around the floor putting the rest of the Boden returns back together.  I so know how to have a good time!


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