Mum on the Run – 80’s throwback (BananaRama look out!)

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I nearly crashed the car tonight on the way home as a result of a conversation that I had with our eldest which went like this:

“Mum, for our Physics homework tonight we need to take a plug apart, put it back together and plug the item in.” 

This from the girl who swore to her teacher the other day that the school bell had rung – only for the school bell to ring.  From the girl who assured her teacher that she was wearing her own lab coat to which the teacher responded “So why has it got D Goyal written on the pocket in big letters.” [Which is not our daughter’s name.] From the girl who chucked hot chocolate over her entire uniform yesterday…and that of her friends – you get the picture.  Don’t get me wrong – in certain circumstances I would trust her with my life – just not these.

So to the outfit – oh the outfit.  Today I went to a couple of meetings to discuss new projects that are in the pipeline and due to the low temperature, I needed to be warm – which is where the thick cardi and warm trousers combo came in.  The boots are actually very comfortable and served me well when I had to walk to school and back as the traffice was gridlocked.

 It wasn’t intended to be 80’s inspired but that’s how it ended up – an outfit not to be repeated! Individually I like all of the items, from the Zara trousers to the Whistles cardi, the Topshop belt and the Oasis boots – but not together.  I could just have hidden away and pretended that it hadn’t happened but it has – so in the name of honesty I have to share it with you.  One friend told me that she liked it – but I think that she was just being kind!

Onwards and upwards……


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